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Car Title Loans

Considering getting a title loan, but have some questions first? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about title loans from the basics, to how loan payments work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a title loan?

  • A: A title loan is a loan that allows you to get cash using your car, motorcycle or other accepted automobile as collateral. Loan amounts are based on your vehicle’s value and condition, among other factors.

Q: How much can I get for a title loan?

  • A: Many people will turn to a title loan when a payday loan doesn’t offer enough cash for their emergency situation because title loans can typically provide more cash.

  • The maximum amount you can get with a title loan depends on a number of different factors, including:

    • The lender you apply with

    • Any state laws that apply to title loans

    • The condition of your vehicle

    • The value of your vehicle

  • Quicken Cash offers title loans at many of our store locations across the country. Contact your local Quicken Cash to find out if title loans are available near you, and what the maximum loan amounts are.

Q: Does Quicken Cash offer motorcycle title loans?

  • A: Yes! As long as you have a clear title and your motorcycle is in working condition, you may be eligible for a Quicken Cash title loan. To see if you qualify, bring your motorcycle and your clear title to a Quicken Cash store location. For a full list of acceptable vehicles visit our how title loans work page.

Q: What is a clear title?

  • A: A clear title simply means that you fully own the vehicle, with no outstanding loans.


Title Loan Process


Q: How do title loans work?

  • A: Title loans use your car as collateral to get you CASH! Here is an overview of how title loans work:

    • Apply for a title loan by filling out an application

    • During the application process, your car will be inspected by the lender

    • You are given a lending decision based on your vehicle’s value and condition, among other factors

    • Upon approval, the lender is placed as a lien holder on your car

    • You get cash for your loan AND get to keep your car

    • Your title loan is paid back over a period of payments

    • Once you repay the loan, the lien is removed from your vehicle’s certificate of title

Q: How long does it take to get a title loan?

  • A: The title loan process can vary depending on the lender, the amount of paperwork involved and how detailed the car inspection is. It’s usually a good idea to call your lender prior to going in to apply to make sure you have all of the application requirements, this will help ensure you are in and out as quickly as possible with the money you need.

  • Some things to keep in mind:

    • Some states have laws requiring additional paperwork

    • For your security, some lenders may take extra steps to verify your information such as ownership of the vehicle, proof of address and identity

    • Plan for a car inspection (which can take a decent amount of time depending on how busy the lender is)

    • At Quicken Cash, we require very little paperwork so the title loan application process typically takes less than 30 minutes.

Q: Will getting a title loan affect my ownership of my car?

  • A: No. Even though the lender becomes a lien holder, your car remains in your possession and you can still use your car while you repay your loan. Once you pay the loan in full, the lien is released. As long as you make your payments on time, you'll always be the owner of the car.

Q: Can I still use my car during the use of a title loan?

  • A: When you apply for a title loan, you use your car as collateral, naming the lender as a lien holder. You still own and keep your car as long as your payments are made on time. If you miss payments or default on your loan, the lender may choose to repossess your vehicle (tip – be sure to carefully read your loan documents before signing to ensure you fully understand when and why your car could be repossessed).


Title Loan Requirements


Q: What are the title loan requirements with Quicken Cash?

  • A: Title loan requirements may vary by location, but you can start your title loan application with the following items:

    • Valid ID (Must meet minimum age requirements)

    • Proof of income

    • Proof of address (Bill or bank statement from last 30 days)

    • Clear title or proof of 1st lien*

    • Vehicle in driving condition

    • Proof of vehicle insurance

Title Loan Payments


Q: Can I make minimum payments?

  • A: Title loans typically have scheduled recurring payments to pay back your loan. With each scheduled payment, the minimum payment will be due. Usually, you’re not obligated to pay more than the minimum amount. Quicken Cash recommends paying off your loan as quickly as you can to avoid large interest payments.

Q: How do I pay off my title loan?

  • A: Title loans are usually paid back over a series of payments. Multiple payment options are usually available, including the ability to setup automatic payments. If you want to pay off your title loan in full before you reach full term, then work with your lender. They may have options available to pay off your loan with a card, bank account debit, or by paying in cash.

Q: Can I pay off my title loan early?

  • A: In most cases, it will be in your best interest to pay more than the minimum payment when you can, which can result in less interest accruing on your loan. Be alert! Some lenders may tack on early payoff fees. Carefully review your loan agreements for such fees. Quicken Cash offers an early payoff option to ALL of our Customers on ALL of our loans – with no penalty fees attached!

Q: What if I can’t pay back my title loan?

  • A: Try calling your lender before you have any past due payments and see if they will work out a repayment plan with you. If you fall behind on your payments and do not work with your lender to work out a payment plan, then they have the power to repossess your car.

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