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Wire Transfers

There is no faster way of delivering money to someone else than via a money wire transfer. When you need to get cash to someone in another city, state, or even country, Quicken Cash can provide a quick and reliable means of transferring your money through MoneyGram®.

How does it work?

Sending money with Quicken Cash is as simple as visiting a store, indicating the amount you wish to send, where you want to send it, and who you want to send it to. Whether you are sending a wire transfer or receiving it, Quicken Cash can help. In fact, Customers who receive wire transfers can safely take their wire transfers as cash or have them loaded onto a prepaid debit card in one of our stores. Anytime you need to transfer cash to someone quickly, a wire transfer is the most efficient way of doing so. After all, emergencies happen, and bank transfers can take several business days to complete. When you send a wire transfer, your money arrives quickly – whether it’s for your son who’s away at college or your wife who’s traveling on business. Quicken Cash and MoneyGram® make it easy to transfer money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a wire transfer?

  • A: A wire transfer is a safe way of sending money electronically to recipients in more than 170 countries around the world. Wire transfers are much faster than bank transfers or mailing a check. We offer wire transfers through MoneyGram® at Quicken Cash store locations. You can use a wire transfer to add funds to a prepaid mobile phone or a prisoner's trust account, and many bills can be paid with a wire transfer, too. The process is simple; just come to a location and pay for your wire transfer. We'll ask you to show identification, and you'll receive a reference number, which you'll need to provide to the person receiving the wire transfer. The recipient can pick up the money at any Quicken Cash location, or anywhere MoneyGram® services are offered, but must provide the reference number to do so.

Q: What all can I do with a wire transfer?

  • A: Quicken Cash's wire transfer service through MoneyGram® allows you send money to friends, family and bill collectors within minutes, regardless of how far away they might be. Once our Customers understand how to wire money — and how simple it is — they usually want to know how they can use wire transfers to take care of various financial needs.

    • Emergency Funds: To wire money, all you need to do is visit your nearest Quicken Cash, specify the amount you want to send and provide proof of your identity. That's why a wire transfer is an easy and fast way to send money to loved ones who need help. If, for example, your sister's car broke down 200 miles from home, you could wire money to her — or possibly even to the repair shop — so she could afford to get her car repaired. If you should find the tables turned and need an emergency loan from a relative, you can get cash fast when your relative sends a wire transfer to the Speedy Cash nearest to you. You don't need a checking account to receive money, and you can pick up your wire transfer without paying a fee.

    • Less-Urgent Needs: As any parent of a teen or young adult knows, kids often rely on parents for financial help. Parents could use a wire transfer to add to their child's prepaid mobile phone minutes. They could also transfer money onto a Visa® Prepaid Debit Card from Quicken Cash, for kids to use when they're away from home. And if the money runs out, parents can add to the debit card's balance using another wire transfer. Wire transfers can also be used to pay taxes and utility bills. If you open your mailbox and find a disconnect notice, head to your local Quicken Cash and get a wire transfer to keep the lights on — and if you don't have the past-due amount, we can explain which of our loan options would work best for you. Loan funds can be sent to a bill collector via wire transfer.

Q: How much money can I send with a wire transfer from Speedy Cash?

  • A: Send up to $10,000 in one transaction or up to $20,000 in a day, although some restrictions may apply, depending on your location and the recipient's location. You can wire money to any Quicken Cash or MoneyGram® location. To receive money, the person to whom you're sending the transfer will have to provide photo identification and a reference number. We'll give you the reference number, and you can tell the recipient what it is.

Q: Can I receive money from a wire transfer?

  • A: Yes. You can receive a wire transfer at Quicken Cash so long as the transfer is sent to you via MoneyGram®.

  • The sender simply goes to Quicken Cash with a photo ID and provides the funds to be transferred. Quicken Cash gives a reference number to the sender, and the sender can call you to share that number. To receive your cash, you just need to come into one of our stores, show your photo ID and provide the reference number.

Q: Can I use a wire transfer to pay bills?

  • A: Yes. Quicken Cash can issue a money order from your wire transfer funds, or you may apply the funds as payment toward a Quicken Cash loan. To pay a bill through our wire transfer service, all you have to do is come to one of our stores and fill out an express payment form, including the recipient's name — and for utility or credit card payments, your account number. We'll process it for you, and the recipient will receive money within minutes!

Q: What if I transfer money to someone who doesn’t live near a Speedy Cash store?

  • A: No problem! Quicken Cash and MoneyGram® make it easy to pick up the money that was transferred. Money can be picked up anywhere MoneyGram® services are offered – worldwide!

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